Here is a prayer guide that we used in our recent elder meeting.

We took the Scriptures from our 2 main Bible teaching times (Pulpit and ABF) and turned those passages into prayers.

We love to pray for you. And there is no better way to pray for you than with the Word of God.


Pulpit = Prayer for RBC people from each verse of Psalm one

Psalm 1:1 –

Resist the constant compromise toward worldliness, Refuse the temptations toward sin

Psalm 1:2 –

Changed affections, New delights which are Spirit-given and strong, Scripture study and meditation

Psalm 1:3 –

Would be like trees, people of conviction with deep roots and abundant fruits


Psalm 1:4-5 –

Would not be like chaff, weightless and rootless

Psalm 1:6 –

The day of judgment is coming, make our people ready for it, Make us ready to give an account for our people on that day


ABF = Prayers for RBC people from selected verses in Habakkuk

Habakkuk 1:2-4

We have hearts that are in pain over injustice and unanswered prayers


We trust in your character Lord, but we struggle with all the sin and sorrow we see



Give faith and patience to trust in what You have revealed about the future, through it seems a long time in coming



Deal with the injustice and violence all around us in our own country and the entire world, bring about the knowledge of the glory of the Lord and do this through us and our missions


Turn us from idols, show idol worshippers the folly of their ways, and be glorified in the lives of Your people



That we would believe – what we read about how God has worked in the past – that we would trust for this in our own day


Faith and hope that God dramatically saves His people



Fear of the Lord, assurance to wait patiently and faithfully for Him



Faith in God that is not dependent upon outward circumstances and immediate prosperity