The providence of God around us is the solid basis of all sanctified and durable prosperity.  His providence enfolds all who bear his image in everlasting arms.

The delight and pleasure resulting from the observation of divine providence is very great.  It will doubtless be a part of our entertainment in heaven to view with transporting delight how the designs and methods were laid to bring us there.  Providence not only brings you to heaven, it brings heaven to your soul now.  

God is providentially steering all to the port of his own praise and his people’s happiness, while the whole word is busily employed in managing the sails and tugging at the oars with a quite opposite design and purpose.  They promote God’s design by opposing it, fulfill his will by resisting it, and enlarge his church by scattering it.  

What a history we might compile, as we trace the footsteps of providence along the way!

John Flavel