As we approach Thanksgiving, we recently asked the students in the youth group to break up into small groups and give a list of 25 things that they are thankful for.  This list encouraged me and I hope that it encourages you to.  We’ll post the lists each day.


25 Things We’re Thankful to God For
1 Family
2 God
3 Church
4 House
5 Food
6 God’s Word, the Bible
7 Friends
8 Nature/Creation
9 Spiritual Guides
10 Stories of History
11 Life we’ve been put in
12 Not having to worry about our next meal
13 Summertime
14 Crucifixion/Resurrection
15 Jesus will be back
16 God’s grace/glory
17 Forgiveness
18 Freedom
19 Youth Group
20 Worship
21 Other Believers
22 Holy Spirit
23 The ability to witness to unbelievers
24 God’s Love
25 God’s Patience