What to Expect:

Main Goal: Pray and talk about God’s Word with the students in a loving atmosphere.
If you are new, we will welcome you into the RBC family. We want to model what true prayer looks like with the students, so we pray with them and talk through prayer requests. The teacher will teach God’s Word at an age-appropriate level to help the students see the truth of God’s Word. We will do all this in the context of love. We have been so loved by God and want to share that love with every student who comes into the ministry.


High School
9:05am Class Starts
9:05am Announcements/Snacks
9:15am Prayer Groups
9:25am Lesson Starts
10:00am Small Groups
10:15am Class Ends
Middle School
10:45am Welcome
10:50am Class Starts
10:50am Announcements/Snacks
11:10am Prayer Groups
11:25am Lesson
12:00pm Class Ends