Questions to consider so that you can consider how to help others toward love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24).


  1. How can I help them with an immediate need (a ride, a meal, help)
  2. How can I pray for them? (maybe they shared one in ABF, maybe I need to ask them)
  3. How can I encourage them in their Christian walk? (share an evidence of grace you see in them, share what has helped you in your own walk)
  4. How can I help them do good works? (Get to know their gifts and opportunities, help them through barriers and limitations, help them move forward)
  5. How can I correct them away from their weaknesses? (Do they trust me enough to confess sin to me? Do I know them well enough to see their blindspots?)
  6. How can I prepare them to endure all the way to the end?