If you are a slow but steady reader you can read 200 words a minute. If you read 15 minutes a day (just 15 minutes!) you will read 5,475 minutes in a year.

Multiply that by 200 words a minute and you get 1,095,000 words that you will read in a year.

The average book has about 360 words per page and is 200-240 pages.

So you could read 13 books a year – at 15 minutes a day!



Is there some way that you spend 15 minutes a day that maybe, possibly, potentially is not as valuable as investing 15 minutes a day growing in —


  • The knowledge of God, 2) the practice of the Christian life, 3) current issues from a Christian perspective, 4) the ministry of the local church, 5) world missions, 6) knowing Jesus, 7) understanding the will of God, 8) church history, 9) biblical counsel on any number of personal issues, 10) character strengthening Christian biography, 11) how to study the Bible, 12) sound doctrine 13) enriching your prayer life.


Why not pick one book from each of these areas and tackle it this year? You can do it. And you won’t regret it.


Are you looking for something good to read? Here are some books I enjoyed last year. The list is not in any particular order. I just sat down and typed this up at 2:15 on a Monday afternoon, saved it, and moved on to something else…



Newton on the Christian Life, Tony Reinke and Edwards on the Christian Life, Dane Ortlund –

This series of (Name) on the Christian Life books are a perfect introduction to the greatest churchmen throughout church history. Each one offers much more than a mini-biography. The point of the books is to help you understand how the life and ministry and teaching of the book’s subject can help you understand and enjoy the Christian life. These two, on Newton and Edwards, are exceptionally well done.


Parables, John MacArthur – A great Bible teacher on some of the greatest teaching that Jesus ever did? Worth looking into.


Prayer, Tim Keller – This book offers both in-depth, doctrinal teaching on prayer as well as a large amount of practical help on prayer. Really well done.


Openness Unhindered, Rosaria Butterfield – Rosaria’s conversion (from unbelieving, lesbian professor of Queer studies to believing, pastor’s wife) is powerful. Here she applies her personal and biblical insights to conversion, repentance, self-image, and issues of sexual identity. She is an amazing person and has written a powerful book.


Not by Sight, John Bloom – Short, biblically based but creatively written takes on some of the key stories and characters of the Old Testament. Helps you immerse yourself in Old Testament stories.


Rejoicing in Christ, Michael Reeves – It would be very hard to find a short book more packed with insights into the person and work of Christ. My copy of this book is so highlighted it is ridiculous.


Job, The Wisdom of the Cross, Christopher Ash

Ecclesiastes, Recovering Eden, Zack Eswine

Hebrews, Thomas Schreiner

1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, David Platt and Danny Akin


Here are four fine commentaries. Pick a book of the Bible you really want to study, and go through it with the commentary open as well.


Body of Divinity, Thomas Watson – This is a series of short sermons on the Westminster Chatechism of the Faith. Do not let that scare you away. These sermons sparkle with warm wit, engaging illustration, and insightful application. This has long been on my short list of all time classic theology books.


How Long O Lord, Reflections on Suffeing and Evil, D. A. Carson – Carson is one of the finest biblical scholars writing today. The issues of evil, calamity, suffering, and God’s sovereignty  are some of the most misunderstood issues in our day. Here is some weighty, reliable, orthodox scholarship at its finest.


Onward, Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel, Russell Moore – The subtitle says it well. This book is a bold statement about current cultural issues and unchanging biblical truth.


The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Jeremiah Burroughs – This old puritan book remains as practical and heart searching as it ever has been since 1648.


Death By Living, N.D. Wilson – I honestly don’t know how to describe this book. I loved it. And I have never read anything even remotely like it. It is just the sort of quirky book about everything from a (subtle, understated) Christian perspective that will make you think and think again.


The Letters of Samuel Rutherford – The kind of book to keep by your bedside and dip into a little bit each day. Rutherford was a wise, loving, godly pastor who wrote letters to all sorts of people in all sorts of circumstances. His example will help you and will also help you help others.


Knowing Christ – Michael Jones — This book just released at the end of 2015 and I am half-way through it. Dives into the deep end of Christ’s person and work with profound theology that leads the reader to worship Christ.


(Though I think each of these books is worth reading, I do not claim full agreement/endorsement with any)

(Many of these books are available in the Racine Bible Church Library)

(If you pick one of these books to purchase, buy two of them, give one to a friend, and plan on reading it together )