Grant, Almighty God,

that insomuch as Thou permittest reins so loose to Satan that he attempts, in all manner of ways, to subvert Thy servants –

O grant that they who have been sent and moved by Thee, and at the same time furnished with the invincible strength of Thy Spirit, may go on perseveringly to the last in the discharge of their office.

May they not desist from their course, but devote themselves wholly to Thee, with prudence as well as with courage, that they may thus persevere in continual obedience.

And do Thou also dissipate all the mists and all the crafts that Satan spreads to deceive the inexperienced, until at length the truth emerge, which is the conqueror of the devil and the whole world, and until Thy Son, the Sun of Righteousness, appears.


A prayer of John Calvin from the collection of prayers titled “Lifting Up Our Hearts”