Thank you for your generosity and your willingness to support the ministry of Racine Bible Church. Giving is an act of worship and a way to thank and give back to God for everything He has entrusted to you.

Here is a way you can give what God has called you to give but we don’t want you to think of your offering the same way you think of other payment obligations. This is but one way you can give.

Giving can be done in one of three ways: during the offering at our weekly worship services; mailing directly to the church office; and now using our convenient and secure “give online”. By selecting the link below, you have the opportunity to give to the General or Mission fund or select other ministries of the church. You may use a credit card or have an ACH processed from your bank account as a one time or an automatically scheduled gift.
Racine Bible Church ministers because of the generous and sacrificial gifts of its many supporters. Thank you for your financial support of our ministry. May God bless you as you worship Him through your gift.


Proceed to Online Giving


Donation Category Descriptions

  • General fund – the daily operational needs of the ministry are dependent upon the generosity of our members, regular attenders and network of supporters.
  • Other select funds – during the year, various ministry projects, mission opportunities and youth events are undertaken to which funds can be designated. Note this designation in the comment box. Specific ministry funds will be listed as needed during the year.

For example:
Missions fund – the outreach of the Gospel beyond Racine is an important part of the ministry. The monthly giving provides for the ongoing support of the RBC missionary family.
Building fund – the giving in this area invites individuals to assist in reducing the mortgage as well as providing for the future building expansion needs of the ministry.
Church Picnic – the annual congregational picnic.

Questions and Answers for Online Giving

  1. What methods can be used to give on line?
    A: Donors can give using a major credit or debit card or by processing an ACH (automated clearing house) payment from their bank to the RBC account. ACH payments have the lowest fees and are the most economical way to give.
  2. Can items other than cash be donated to the church?
    A: On line giving only provides for cash donations. Any questions regarding non-cash or investment type of instrument donations can be directed to the RBC office.
  3. Is there a limit to the amount of donations I can give?
    A: There is no limit to the amount RBC can receive. The limit to be donated is determined by the donor’s available credit limit or bank account funds. However, large gifts will incur a higher fee as the fees are a fixed percentage depending upon the type of credit or debit card used.
  4. Can gifts be given on a recurring basis?
    A: Yes, donors can give one-time as well as set up weekly, bi-weekly and monthly donations.
  5. When will my gift be taken out of my account?
    A: The donor’s gift(s) will be charged to their individual credit / debit card or processed out of your bank account within 1 or 2 days and shown on your next credit card / bank statement.
  6. Will any fees be charged to me for giving online?
    A: No fees are charged to the donor except if an ACH or debit card is processed from the donor’s bank account and there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the transaction. If this occurs, a $10 fee is incurred by RBC and the donor will be notified. All credit card and ACH processing fees are paid by RBC.
  7. What is the cost to the church for online giving?
    A: The credit card and ACH processing fees are paid by RBC and these vary by the type of credit / debit card used. ACH payments have the lowest fees and are the most economical way to give.
  8. When and from whom will a tax receipt be issued for my donation?
    A: A tax receipt will be issued by RBC and will be sent at the end of the calendar year as currently done. All online donations along with other donations by check or cash (if identified by individual) will be included in this year-end tax contribution statement
  9. Are online donations kept confidential?
    A: Yes, all transactions are confidential and are only processed and known by the church financial secretary as done for all current donations.
  10. Is there an App for that?
    A: Yes, search for ‘stewardship technology’ and download the eGiving Mobile (iTunes / Google Play) app. Once downloaded, log in using your same username and password.