So we had several out of town guests with us for a wedding last week and they left these notes to Racine Bible Church —


This is from Rebecca Copley the mother of the groom –

I want to thank the people of Racine Bible Church for welcoming our family and friends with open arms (and homes!) this weekend. You have blessed us beyond measure. Your love for our son, concern for our daughter, greetings sent to John and caring for me were an encouragement to me personally. Your hospitality to our friends and family in opening your homes for them to stay was a such a blessing to all of us. You, as a church body, remind me of the hospitality and love of the early church, and I’m very thankful for you.


This is from one of the bridesmaids. Claire writes –

As we leave Racine, I am floored by God’s grace and overwhelmed by the love we received from Racine Bible Church. Although we thought we were coming for a wedding, we truly felt part of the church and grew to love our sweet host families. I am so grateful for Andrew and Carlyn’s wedding and for the new friends made here! Love you all!:) and thank you


And this is from one of the groomsmen. Jared posted –

Wow, what a weekend. I’ve never been so encouraged by a road trip as I have been these last 5 days. Racine, Wisconsin (Racine Bible Church), God has shaped you in to an amazingly loving and generous and God-honoring family of believers. All 10 of us visitors from Spokane were joyfully overwhelmed by your outpouring of hospitality and kindness.
Along with that, we made awesome new friends and got to be part of an amazing wedding for Carlyn and Andew Copley  What a great reminder of the type of worship we will have with the Lord in heaven one day and of what it means to love and serve the Lord and his bride now and until that day. Thank you Dan Jarms and Spencer DeBurgh for leading us through the scriptures and helping me know better how to devote my life to loving my wife and giving my life for the Lord and her.
Amazing memories from this weekend  We love you and are grateful to you Racine Bible Church!