Record Setting Numbers for our Christmas Services!!!

The attendance numbers are in and we set a new record. We haven’t had such small numbers in ten years. In first service there were 56 people on the platform and about that many in the auditorium (right at 9:00) by the time they officially counted (at 9:45) there were 261 people here. Second service had a similar number.

Sunday’s weather was brutal. My drive down Spring Street, at about 8:15, was the worst I can remember. I knew it was a genuine weather crisis (and not just a lame excuse for some people to miss church) because attendance at the Packer party we attended Sunday afternoon was also at an all time low.


Children’s ministry ran on a skeleton crew, releasing older kids to sit with their parents in the service and combining all the younger kids together in one big classroom.

The testimony in the service was from Jim Yoghourtjian. We’ve got to figure out a way for you to see it if you missed seeing it with us. Jim spoke a word that we all needed to hear.

The timpani, trumpets, orchestra, strings, choirs and soloists all lifted up the name of Jesus beautifully with great joy.

So … were we disappointed that we missed the chance to share the gospel with more visitors? Sure.

And did we miss greeting more of our church family and worshiping together with them? Yes.

Did we feel like it wasn’t worth it? No way. We did it for Jesus. He was here. And we came to adore Him Christ the Lord.