So Charles Spurgeon wrote this, a long time ago, about dealing with false teaching. It describes our current moment. He could have written it this morning.

Spurgeon-Charles-Metropolitan-Tabernacle-LondonThe argument of ‘charity’ is used to screen those who are robbing us of the gospel. We are bidden to be cautious how we condemn those who only differ on small points; whereas the truths which they would take away from us have important bearings upon other truths, and cannot be denied without a serious break-up of the whole doctrinal chain.

Satan knows we would never consent to give up a wheel of the gospel chariot, and therefore in his craftiness he only asks for the linch-pins to be handed over to him. May God grant wisdom to his servants that none of them may be beguiled by the cunning of the adversary. Long ages may have to rue the defalcations of this day, if we sell the precious gospel to its foes.

The cant of the present day cries, ‘charity, charity.’ As if it were not the truest charity to grow indignant with that which ruins the soul. It is not uncharitable to warn men against poisonous adulterations.