Being more like Jesus means more tears

 I want to be more like Jesus.

That means I will weep more. I want to weep over my city.

Luke 19:41-42 and Matthew 23:37

Jeremiah and Paul had most sorrow not for self — but for others.

Does it sound like exaggerated rhetoric when the prophet breaks out with, “Oh that my head were waters…” or when the apostle declares “I have great heaviness and continual sorrow!”?

It is real compassion.

And it only comes from Christ.

Jesus had most sorrow not for self — but for others.

The closer you are to Christ the more compassionate you will be.

Lloyd-Jones exhorted his congregation while preaching on Romans 9:1

“There is no better test of your spiritual state than your missionary zeal. That is always the thing that divides people who are just theoretical and intellectual Christians from those who have a living and vital spiritual life.”

There is no better test. If it is real to you then you will be really (consistently, persistently, sacrificially) engaged in sharing it with others

And what to do next?

Love people where they are. Then love them to where they ought to be.