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Middle School


Class code: @rbcms

High School


Class code: @rbchs

Last session

Small groups spending some time in prayer

About to to play some more session games!

In the middle of our broom ball tournament

The sessions have been great! God has been glorified through fellowship, singing, and bible lessons from pastor Norby. We’re in session three right now.

Getting ready for the group picture

Time for small groups

We’re about to get into session 2!

About to eat lunch 😋

Having fun, worshiping Jesus, and hearing from His word in session 1!

We’re getting ready for orientation, and then we’ll be settling in for the night with cabin devotions out of Psalm 51, and then going to bed (or at least lights out).

Hey! We made it to Fort safely! The bus ride was a great time and the students played games, slept, ate junk food, and bonded!

The check in process went great and we’re all ready to go!

Hello Parents! Here is where you will find updates from this years FORT retreat! Enjoy!