As we have entered a new year of ministry let’s pray fervently …


  • Personal holiness in the lives of each elder, pastor, ABF leader, deacon, and ministry worker


For faithful daily times of prayer and Scripture meditation

Grant us quick repentance from sin so that no sin becomes a pattern that festers

              God protect our leaders from moral failures and that would bring a reproach


  • That RBC will accomplish our mission of making and training disciples who make and train disciples


More new converts through outreach and evangelism

More disciple makers as each church member understands and carries out our mission

That each member of the body will use their spiritual gift for the building up of the body


  • For our church staff to be faithful in fulfilling their ministry responsibilities


  • For our missionary family (domestic and foreign) to be fruitful in making disciples


  • That God will lead, guide and provide in our budget and possible building expansion