firmfoundationlogoWe’re moving our Firm Foundation classes from Sunday night to a Wednesday night, trying to coincide with our AWANA, Middle School, High School programs. This session will begin October 1st and go through November 19th, from 6:30 – 7:45 pm. For those with younger children, the Crib and Toddler nurseries will be available to you.

A signup table will be in the lobby beginning Sunday, September 7th and continuing through September 28th. Please be sure to mark on the signup sheet if a nursery will be needed for your child(ren).

The following classes will be offered: 

Prayer – taught by Spencer DeBurgh
Everyone feels guilt about not praying enough. Don’t you want to push past that? God wants prayer to be a vibrant, healthy, helpful, steady source of joy and peace in your life. Join us in this class as we cover basic principles for the practice of prayer.

Parenting – taught by Darien Bowers
Raising children is an awesome responsibility which requires wisdom, patience, and integrity. This class will teach you how to improve and inform your parenting by applying the truth of God’s Word directly to your approach to your children. The principles of parenting that we discuss will apply to children of any age, yet the class will be primarily focused on parenting children from toddlers through elementary school. We will use the book Gospel-Powered Parenting by William Farley. Cost: $10 

Union With Christ – taught by Guy Ladd
Despite our love for the Bible, our gratitude for the cross, and our passion for evangelism, we are in danger at times of neglecting what is central to our faith as Christians: that we are one with Christ. We cannot separate our experience of salvation with our relationship to our Savior. In this class, we will be discussing the Biblical truths about our unity with Christ from the book One with Christ by Marcus Johnson, a professor at Moody Bible In-stitute in Chicago. While our union with Christ is in some ways mysterious, it is the foundation of our redemption and critical to our understanding of how to live the Chris-tian life. Cost: $1