The Christian life is about drawing near to God. We are saved into fellowship with God, friendship with God, into wonderful communion with Him.

To draw near to God is your greatest good. Do you  think about life like that? What if you did?

Have you forgotten your reason for living? The chief end of man? What if you started remembering it? What if you lived in the light of it?

Here is the searching question from Alexander MacLaren quoted in the sermon on Sunday —

Brethren, we call ourselves Christians; let us be honest with ourselves, and rigid in the investigation of the thoughts of our own hearts. Is there a wish for God there? Is there an aching void in His absence, or do we shovel cartloads of earthly rubbish into our hearts, and thus dull desires that can be satisfied only with Him?

These are not questions to which any one has a right to expect an answer from another; they are not questions that any Christian man can safely shirk answering to himself and to God.