Be here Sunday morning for Romans chapter 16. The Apostle Paul’s Facebook.


Be here Sunday night for our fellowship meal. Join us at 6:00. Bring a dish to share. Wear your tacky Christmas sweater (big, colossal, gigantic prizes awarded for the tackiest).


We have two big outreach mornings on Sunday December 15 and December 22. The 15th our children will be singing and the 22nd will be our adult choir and special music. Testimonies will be featured in each service. I will preach a short, simple gospel message. We are counting on you to do three things.


  1. Pray! Pray for all those singing and speaking to be filled with the Spirit in order to be used by God. Pray for all those attending to be given open hearts by the convicting and encouraging presence of the Spirit of God.
  2. Invite! Personally invite your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors to visit RBC in December. Take a chance and invite random people you bump into while shopping.
  3. Park! If you are able, please park in the very back of the lot on the 15th and 22nd so that we have spots up close left for all the visitors we are expecting.