The acronym “AWANA” stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed” and is taken from 2 Timothy 2:15. The AWANA program at Racine Bible Church is a ministry for children in Preschool through 5th grade, whose purpose is to reach boys and girls for Christ and train them to serve Him. This program helps children memorize and apply the Word of God to their daily lives. Each evening of AWANA is broken into four parts: an opening ceremony; council time (a Bible lesson); handbook time (children reciting their memory verses); and game time.

AWANA is divided into three clubs, each having the same purpose while using age- appropriate material:

  • Cubbies (preschool)
  • Sparks (Kindergarten – 2nd grade)
  • Truth & Training (3rd – 5th grade) – boys and girls separate

AWANA meets during the school year (September – May) every Wednesday evening at the church.


Crosswalk is the name we have given to the Sunday morning children’s ministry for Toddlers through 5th grade. Our desire is for our children to know Jesus through exposure to God’s Word that is appropriate for their age level. The children, except for 5th grade, are in their departments for the full morning 8:45-12:15.

Our Toddler department is for children ages approximately 15+ months  to 3 years old before September 1st. The children hear thirteen different Bible stories rotated 4 times into the year. They hear a simple Bible lesson that illustrates a main truth about God, the main truth is repeated many times through the morning. They are taught a memory verse each month, taught to pray, and sing songs, along with the needed large muscle time, table time for coloring and crafts; and a short quiet time on blankets to quietly think about Jesus, and of course they get a snack!

Our Pre-School department is for children 3 years old to pre-kindergarten 5 year olds. Theirs is a two-year curriculum; one year based in the Old Testament and the second based in the New Testament. In this classroom they continue in Scripture memorization, songs, prayer, and begin to learn the importance of giving to Jesus. They also have table time, large muscle activities, some free play, and snack.

In these two departments there is a Department Head who oversees the scheduling and physical needs of their department. The Lead Facilitators oversee the morning by telling the Bible story and planning the activities that support the Bible lesson, and the Facilitators assist in whatever needs to be done to help the morning move smoothly.

Our Kindergarten through 4th Grade meet first hour for a church time that we call Crosswalk Church. It meets from 8:45-10:20. It is a church service that includes hymns, offering, teaching of the Bible lesson, and a presentation of potential application of the lesson. There are 2 teachers, a music leader, a children’s worship team, and other adults (facilitators) who help with attendance and supervision of the children.

During second hour, 10:30-12:00, the children are dismissed to their grade level. During this time the Lead Facilitator leads their planned activities. The Lead gives a brief recap of the lesson and then encourages discussion with the children over the application of the lesson. Here the children also work on their memory verse, are taught to pray the truths from the lesson, and have some table time. The Facilitators come alongside the Lead by helping with discussion at the table groups, leading a small group in prayer, and supervising the children so the Lead is free to teach.

The curriculum for Kindergarten through 4th grade takes the children systematically through the Bible over 3 years.

Our 5th grade students attend the first service with the adults. During second hour they attend their class led by the Lead Facilitator. The Facilitators come alongside the Lead in helping with memory verse, prayer time, and small group discussion. Their curriculum includes a 36-week course called “Fundamentals of the Faith; a 13 week course on gender education called “Rejoicing in God’s Good Design; and finish the year learning the spiritual disciplines of Bible study, memorization, prayer, giving, and worship.

We have a classroom for children who because of sensory, physical, or intellectual needs find being integrated in our Crosswalk curriculum challenging. This room is staffed with a Lead facilitator and two facilitators. The students receive the Bible lesson in several forms: visual, tactile, and auditory. They are also encouraged in the area of Scripture memorization and prayer appropriate to their needs. The classroom is available to parents first hour and is staffed second hour.

Our middle school students have opportunity to serve by having the snacks ready in each classroom.

We have a “Welcome Desk” for visitors to sign in, be shown basic procedures, have questions answered, and be directed to their child’s department.

Weather permitting, the children go outside for 15 minutes to play on our playground, use sidewalk chalk, or play games in the grassy areas.

In December the children share Christmas music they have learned in a portion of the adult service. In May we have a Crosswalk Evening in which the children share in song and Scripture verses; and testimonies are given by various members of the Crosswalk team. It is a great evening to rejoice in what God is doing in the life of our children here at Racine Bible Church. All for our good and His glory.