Pastor Samuel Rutherford tells you to take care about what you love. Will you regret wasting your love? Is what you love really worth it?


Alas! that clay, and time, and shadows run away with our love, which is ill spent upon any but upon Christ: each fool at the day of judgment shall seek back his love from the creatures, when he shall see them all in a fair fire; but they shall prove irresponsible debtors: and therefore it is best here, we look ere we leap, and look ere we love.

Oh that men were taken and catched with the beauty and fairness of Jesus! They would give over playing with idols, in which there is not half room for the love of one soul to expatiate itself; and man’s love is but heart-hungered in gnawing upon bare bones, and sucking at dry breasts: it is well wared they want, who will not come to him who hath a world of love and goodness and bounty for all. We seek to thaw our frozen hearts at the cold smoke of the short timed creature, and our souls  gather neither heat nor life, nor  light; for these cannot give to us  what they have not in themselves.

Samuel Rutherford in a letter to a friend from Aberdeen, 1637