Three biblical truths about authority –

1. Authority begins in Genesis 2:16-17. God has absolute authority over us. Every biblical command depends upon that truth. And it is true.

2. Authority goes all the way through to the final judgment. Revelation 20:12. God the judge will hold to account those who have disobeyed and disregarded his authority.

3. Authority is at the heart of our commission as a church. Matthew 28:18-19. To make disciples is to bring people under the sway of Christ’s authority.


Three practical observations about authority in the Bible–

1. God establishes authority in certain human relationships. This is neither man-made nor culturally limited, it is God ordained.

2. Human authority is not a status to be exploited for personal benefit but rather a stewardship to be exercised for the good of others.

3. An individual’s place in the authority structure does not determine their value or significance.

Five truths about authority from Romans 13:1-7

  1. God ordains human authority 1, 2
  2. Human authorities function for our good 3, 4
  3. Government has a God given obligation to deter evil 4
  4. Government has a God given right to collect taxes and we should pay those taxes 6, 7
  5. Each one of us should obey and honor authority 1, 5, 7


Christians ought to be better citizens than anybody else. If you claim to be a Christian, those in authority over you (in government or in the workplace) should count on you to model the kind of conduct they should want from everyone. Christianity and good citizenship go hand in hand. We should be counted on to obey the law, not break it and pay our taxes. That conduct is just the beginning. Verse 7 amplifies it beyond external conduct to an overall attitude of respect and honor.