Ten Sentence Review of Letters of Samuel Rutherford


  1. This is an easy book to dip into for a few minutes from time to time as it does not need to be read carefully cover to cover.
  2. Rutherford is unashamed to express the depth of his love for Jesus.
  3. “I write not these letters with a dry face, yet I am confident that Christ shall oversway at the last though we suffer along the way.”
  4. These letters were written from prison.
  5. When you are suffering, these letters will give you invaluable perspective.
  6. “Oh what is my skin to His glory or my losses to His precious truth?” (Rutherford’s perspective on his suffering and imprisonment)
  7. He writes to wealthy leaders, poor laborers, grieving mothers, and struggling pastors in all sorts of circumstances while giving Christ centered counsel to each person.
  8. Samuel Rutherford writes with such a colorful, personal voice that you can easily picture him speaking directly to you.
  9. “Many mistake Christ because he hath a cross on his back, O but he will cause us all to laugh yet!”
  10. Spurgeon loved this book so much that he exclaimed “these letters are the nearest thing to inspiration which can be found among the writings of mere man.”