Last night I finished “Letters to Malcolm Chiefly on Prayer” by C.S. Lewis


Here is my ten sentence review…


  1. It’s only 123 pages.
  2. It’s filled with quotable lines.
  3. Divided up into 22 letters, it’s perfect for reading one each morning or evening.
  4. It isn’t a book of biblical or theological study.
  5. It isn’t a practical book on how to pray.
  6. If you have never read a book on prayer, don’t make this your first. (I’d suggest Alone With God by MacArthur or A Simple Way to Pray by Luther)
  7. It has a few bad ideas in it (speculations about prayers for the dead) but, since it’s Lewis, these ideas are presented in a helpful and thought provoking way.
  8. It will make you think about yourself and your relationship with God in new ways.
  9. It will push you past religious formalism toward what is real.
  10. The book is a delight to read. Not a stuffy, boring page in the whole thing.